Available at the Chrome Web Store (and soon for Firefox and Opera)

Don’t let another opportunity go unnoticed!

jobChum for Upwork is designed to enhance and automate the Upwork "Find Work" page.
It tracks your saved searches (and associated results) and generates an alert notification when new jobs become available.
Note: an Upwork freelancer account is prerequisite.


  • Automates your saved searches (and also the Upwork built-in searches)
  • Native notifications (with sound) when new jobs are detected
  • All notifications (with associated job results) are logged
  • Stays synchronized with all of your saved searches
  • Saved searches can be toggled on/off individually
  • Does not rely on or require Upwork API access, RSS or Atom
  • Runs in a minimized browser window or inactive tab
  • Utilizes the latest in component-based architecture and cross-browser standards.

Overview video