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About this blog (and associated video logs)

I suppose the first two items below are somewhat of a disclaimer, and the last two, perhaps too preachy. I have always considered myself apolitical so hopefully it will not offend anyone.

  1. I know I am better at coding then writing, so cut me some slack in that regard. Interestingly there are parallels. An efficient loop or algorithm is analogues to brevity in sentences and paragraphs. A writing style that over embellishes with needless words is like a program that ignores the principles of code reuse and modularity. Okay enough already!
  2. Sharing your code with those who may be better and smarter is kind of scary. I encourage comments and suggestions but please keep it constructive.
  3. I often reference projects and data that are related to the oil and gas industry. I have benefitted from this industry and feel an obligation to help make it safer, cleaner, and less environmentally destructive. I believe these goals are not mutually exclusive to the exploration and production of fossil fuels. Integrity management and respect for future generations must be baked in to every project and process.
  4. Given #3, I do believe fossil fuels are contributing to a warming planet, and that the industry must endeavor to look beyond the status quo; to safe and clean alternatives, and especially renewables.

Mark Dalsaso